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Whether you’ve been in your home for decades, just purchased an existing home, or are in the midst of building the home of your dreams, you can be confident Dean Home Supply + Service Co. has the ingredients for your perfect kitchen recipe.

We Design Kitchens

With showrooms in both Hollywood and Lexington Park, as well as honed virtual appointment skills, our designers are excited to transform your dreams to reality!


Meet your design specialist!


Equipped with a BS in interior design, and over 30 years in the construction industry, Charlotte is an expert at replacing problems with design solutions that are beautiful, functional, and within budget.  When not transforming spaces, you can find an iron, wood, or putter in her hands.  A fun childhood memory of Charlotte’s is her family driving from Hughesville to Lexington Park without passing through a traffic light!  Charlotte is ready to put the green light on your new kitchen or bath!


Native of “CUL-vert” county (Calvert) and 4 years in the industry, this Jill of All Trades’ passion is CREATING!  If forced to pick just one form of creating… Sherry’s answer would have to be furniture restoration.  Or flower arranging.  Or painting.  Or anything that includes her kitties; Sheila, Callie, and Lucy😊


Born and bred, in St. Mary’s County, with a dash of Baltimore in between.  Interest in architecture blossomed while in the city and made its way back to Southern Maryland with Steve, evidenced by his logical approach to design and Lego building past time.  20 years in the industry and mentoring 8 young men to the accomplishment of Eagle Scout are two logical reasons to connect with Steve on your next design project.


With the last name Tennyson, it goes without saying, family is everything.  Growing up on a farm in Chaptico meant hard work, but Jamie and his brothers played harder.  43 years in the construction industry makes trusting your kitchen, bath, closet, or custom cabinetry design to this shortstop & pitcher a guaranteed homerun!

Product + Service

DEAN supplies, repairs, and installs it all!  Whether you’re a flipper, young family, empty nester, or “They’ll have to carry me out of here in a box”, we have your kitchen covered.  View our list below to see what Dean Home Supply + Service co. has to offer.

  • Design Services for New & Existing Kitchens residential or commercial

  • Cabinets stock sizes to made-to-order

  • Countertops natural to man-made

  • Sinks

  • Faucets

  • Hardware

  • Cabinet Accessories

  • Lighting task to ambient

  • Free estimates

  • Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff


Cabinets are the foundation upon which you build everything else in the room.  See the chart below to begin understanding this key element of kitchens.

Cabinet Accesories

Something like, "need something more? DEAN provides custom cabinet solutions in areas like..."


Mixer Storage

Baking Trays

Step Stool

Waste Baskets

Knife Storage


Clearning Products


Corner Cabinets

Pull Out Base Cabinets

Roll Out Trays

Under Sink Storage

Drawer Dividers

Drawer Peg System


One of the most impactful elements of the kitchen are the countertops.  See the chart below to begin understanding this important design element.

Types of Countertops

Hover over the pictures below to familiarize yourself with each countertop materials’ beauty and unique attributes.





Butcher Block, Oiled

Butcher Block, Varnished


Solid Surface


Rounding Out the Kitchen

A successful design includes attention to detail.  Incorporating the perfect


Short Paragraph about sinks.





Material Options


Cast Iron Quartz







Short Paragraph about sinks.





Material Options


Cast Iron Quartz






What's different about Dean?

We create amazing kitchens with amazing people.  Our design team comes from varied backgrounds, from residential builders to degreed interior designers.  With a combined experience of almost a century, our team has installed kitchens in your neighborhood, as well as local hospitals, doctors’ offices, restaurants, fire departments, rescue squads, libraries, and more.


What does insulation really do?

A well-insulated home is one of the most cost-effective ways of saving energy while, also, helping to create an acoustically comfortable environment and more valuable home. Heat is a form of energy — it always seeks a cooler area — flowing outward in winter and inward in summer. By reducing heat flow, a properly insulated home uses less energy in winter for heating and less in summer for cooling. Insulation is also an excellent sound absorber. Proper insulation helps to reduce the transmission of sound from other rooms or from the outside. Sound transmission is noise that travels from room to room — or from home to home — such as jet flyovers, washers, dryers, heating and air conditioning systems, drum sets, TV’s, etc. Adding insulation to your home, adds value.

How do I know if my home has sufficient insulation?

Some indicators you do not have sufficient insulation are: hot or cold spots/rooms even though heat or a/c is running, home is built before 2000, insulation in attic is less than 10" high.

What does 'R Value' mean?

Insulation is identified and labeled by R-value. “R” stands for resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

What areas of my home should be insulated?

Insulation is not just for ceilings and walls. There is an insulation for every conditioned and unconditioned space in your home. Consider insulating knee walls, perimeter of your slab, crawl spaces, etc.

We hit the nail on the head every time

Need help with a design, repair, or install? DEAN does it all! We would love to connect with you to help make your next project a success!

Don't just take our word for it...

“We needed insulation blown into our attic because it barely had any. The whole process was so easy. They were very professional and timely getting us a fair estimate, getting us on the schedule, and doing a great job. Highly recommend!!! Thanks guys. Look forward to doing business with your company in the future!”


- Meagin R.


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