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We’re pros too. Dean Home Supply + Service Co. is custom designed to serve your professional building needs. We’ve loaded our professional services department with the handiest tools to help build your business and keep it expanding. We have a dedicated fleet of trucks for superior, reliable and free delivery. Assigned outside and inside account managers are your right hand. They’re available to assist with all your buying needs and help keep jobs moving along. House accounts mean there’s no messing around with check out. Just get what you need, and get back to work. Plan take off and estimation is one of the most valuable tools we offer. We build the most accurate estimates so that budgets stay perfectly aligned.


We could talk shop all day. But, we know you’re busy.

So, check out the rest of our Professional services and supplies and let us know what we can do for you: 

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  • Engineered wood + truss

  • Custom millwork, wood + melamine cabinetry, built-ins, reception desks

  • Window + door service: initial project consultation

  • Product selection presentation

  • Homeowner product consultations

  • Project review with budget proposals

  • Contractor meetings

  • Application + installation presentations

  • Field assistance

  • Customer satisfaction follow up


Need help? Contact us!

301.373.2111 •

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