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COVID-19 Business Update

Current Situation:

Maryland is one state with orders mandating certain segments of the population to “shelter in place,” and/or close “non-essential” business. Currently, Governor Hogan sites commercial and residential construction, hardware and home improvement stores, and distribution operations, as essential services, thus allowing businesses in these categories to continue operating.

As of today, Wednesday, March 25, 2020:

MDIA - open for business for new construction only

LUGM - open for business by appointment only

Property Settlements - currently taking place

Treasurer’s Office - open by appt. only

Health Department - open by appt. only

What DEAN is doing:

We are committed to following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and federal, state, and local government officials.

We have implemented recommended 6’ social distancing by relocating employee workstations and placing boundaries around our sales counters. Additionally, we have implemented aggressive cleaning protocol and accountability in all buildings, vehicles, and the yard.

*Please see our cleaning protocol listed below (Cleaning Protocols & Implementation).

What can You do:

- Please consider utilizing one of our restrooms to wash your hands when entering and before exiting our stores.

- Do not shake hands; greet with a wave and a smile 😊

- Utilize disposable gloves we have on hand for your use.

- Consider video chat when needing to meet with an installer or designer. We have purchased cameras for just this purpose.

Thank you:

Each day of this crisis has been riddled with on-going challenges, questions, and uncertainty. At the same time, this crisis has done something positive. It has reinforced what a great community we are a blessed to be a part of! Thank You! Thank you for being yoked together with us. We value you and appreciate your friendship and support. Together we will come through this to the other side!


Cleaning Protocols & Implementation

DAILY: Use a coronavirus killing product (Clorox/Lysol) and wipe down items listed. Be sure to leave surfaces wet for required amount of time according to product label.

(Buildings consist of: Main Store & Warehouse, DLC, Warehouse C, Guard Shack, & Cabinet Shop)

· Inside/Outside captains: ensures daily cleaning protocol is followed

sign off on daily cleaning log

· All employees are to wash hands for minimum of 20 seconds upon entering and exiting any DEAN building.

· Truck drivers are to wash hands before leaving with a delivery and when returning to DEAN after a delivery.

· Disposable gloves to be worn by DEAN employees during delivery and when exchanging paperwork with vendor drivers and customers.

· Employees are not to share pens.

· Installed Sales staff and Kitchen & Bath designers are to call their customer the night before scheduled appointment.

1. Ask: “Is anyone sick in your home or in the midst of a required or self-imposed quarantine?”

2. Explain: “Company policy requires people, in the room where work is to be done, be limited to our employees only. If any customer/employee interaction is required, it is to be kept to a minimum, with 6’ of social distancing.”

3. Explain: “Please be aware, I will be wearing disposable gloves during our appointment, as per our company policy.”

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