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Get a Celebrity Closet with Everything but the Celebrity Price Tag. (And Drama)

Did you hear? All the buzz about this amazing closet? It’s fit for a star. Or anyone looking for tons of roomy storage. Check out how we custom designed this closet system to transform this space into the perfect spot for everything from a glamorous wardrobe to stacks of sweatshirts!

Believe it or not, we used durable and multifaceted Melamine to take this closet from drab to fab. Melamine has a pristine, consistent finish, is easy to clean, resistant to heat, moisture, stains and dirt. Oh, and it’s really affordable in comparison to wood cabinetry. Dean’s experts custom designed and built the drawers, shelves and hanging areas of this tailor-made walk-in closet to fit the room to a T. Counters were added in yet another extremely versatile and affordable material, laminate. Simply gorgeous, darling!

Dean has storage systems for every room in the house. From sleek custom wood walk-in closet cabinetry and shelves to adaptable wire shelving and everything in between. Our well-designed and highly organized closet systems optimize space and keep everything in its place. What can we design for you?

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