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Ready. Set. Remodel.

There are some important steps that you can take before starting a remodel that are actually quite easy. And, the ones that will save you from major headaches down the road involve simply picking up the phone or sitting down for a quick chat. First of all, get the family updated on what’s about to happen. Advise them of areas that will be off-limits and set up alternate spaces for them to use. Don’t forget to let your neighbors know too. It’s courteous to keep them in the loop since street parking and noise could impact their daily lives. Keep all communications with contractors open and flowing throughout your remodel. Dean experts will make sure that all precautions are taken to make living through a remodel as bearable as possible. An agreed upon schedule and work hours will be meticulously followed as Dean installs your dream kitchen. Now are you ready? Check out all of the gorgeous options from Waypoint Living Spaces. Check out all 175 pages of inspiration. Waypoint Living Spaces

It’s loaded with everything from gorgeous spaces to amazing tips or organizing, small space design, and cabinetry 101. Then follow this handy checklist:

Prepare the Workspace for Demo

Remove valuables and furniture

Cover adjacent room items with drop cloths

Remove pictures from adjacent walls

Change air filters at start of and throughout the project

Create a Temporary Kitchen

Choose a room that has a water source

Use a laundry room or bathroom for dishwashing

Set up a microwave and coffee maker

Fire up the grill

Stock up on paper plates and plastic flatware

Eat out often

Support your Installers

Designate a bathroom for workers

Designate a secure tool storage area

Identify parking locations

Insist on work area cleanup every day

Get Ready for Delivery

Designate a storage area for your new cabinets

Inspect cabinets upon delivery

Let Dean handle the rest

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