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We’re Excited to Announce Our New Website

At Dean, we’ve been hard at work designing and configuring our new website since the beginning of 2019. After many months, our new user-friendly website provides a clear message of who Dean Home Supply + Service Co. is in our values and roots in Southern Maryland: we’re at home perfecting yours since our early days in the 1930s. We hope you’re enjoying an uncluttered design that’s easy to navigate for our on-the-go mobile users, as well as our traditional desktop users. The new site boasts clean, modernized navigation that directs you to the most relevant information on your to-do list.

Going forward, we want to supply our customers with the most relevant and up-to-date industry news and homeowner information in Southern Maryland. Dean plans to communicate with you regularly on our new blog and social media. In the coming months, we also plan to provide our trusted and valued customers with video content on product information, so you can better evaluate our products and services to fit your lifestyle.

We’re very proud of the new and (highly) improved website, and we hope it adds to the experience when you choose Dean Home Supply + Service Co. for your next project. We’re looking forward to you visiting us on our website.

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